Add Copilot sidebar in Windows

You might have see all the hype and excitement around Copilot for Windows in the past few months and that it should be available for all everyone, but for reason you still can’t see it or use it. That is down to the fact that Microsoft has hidden the sidebar for everyone in Europe due to the Digital Market Act (DMA) that is enforced by the European Union.

But good news you can still manually enable it and I’ll show you how

Make sure you have Windows 11 and have updated to version 23H2. This can be checked by running winver by opening Run (CTRL + R) and typing winver then click OK

Then open the Registry Editor (requires Local Administrator access)
Navigate to HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Shell\Copilot\BingChat
Make sure that the value for IsUserEligible is set to 1 as seen in the below screenshot

When all this is done you are good to go.
Once again open Run (CTRL + R) and run the following command

Thats it, you can now use Microsoft Copilot from your desktop.
You can also make this a shortcut by right clicking on your desktop, select new shortcut. Paste in the command from earlier, click Next then give it a name and click Finish