Deploy Intune apps with Winget

With Store for Business being retired in the first half of 2023 Microsoft had to give us a new way to deploy applications to devices in Intune. And the last week of November 2022 Microsoft did deliver this by adding support for deploying Winget/Store applications thought Intune. So this is a quick guide on how tog et started deploying apps effortlessly to your users.

Log into Intune and navigate to the Windows apps section, then click the Add button

Select Microsoft Store App (new)

Search the Microsoft Store App

Search for the app you would like to add. In my case I want to add NanaZip

When you select an app to add it will populate most fields on automatically. (You will need to manually upload a Logo). Here you can also see the Package Identifier and Installer Type. You can cross reference these by searching for the application in Winget

Here you can see the exact same application using Winget search

Assign the application to your users or devices and you are set to go

As a final mention. If you have the same application packaged as Win32, then Winget/Store will take over management of that application and update the application using Microsoft Store.