Add custom ADMX and ADML to Endpoint Manager

As of late August 2022 Microsoft have added the ability to add custom ADMX and ADML files to Endpoint Manager in Public Preview for administrators to use instead of OMA-URI’s

Before you begin
As of writing this post Endpoint Management support 10 custom policies and has only en-us language support for ADML files

Import ADMX
Sign in to the Endpoint Management portal
Navigate to Devices > Configuration profiles and select Import ADMX


Navigate to the ADMX and ADML files you have previously downloaded. In my example I am using ADMX and ADML files from Acrobat Reader DC

Select Next then Create to upload the files.
In the Import ADMX section your Template will now be listed together with an upload status, the files should be uploaded within a minute or two.

Using the uploaded template
Navigate back to the Profiles section and select Create profile

Choose Windows 10 or later as your platform, then Templates as the Profile type
Imported Administrative templates is then listed in the list

Some example configuration from the Acrobat Reader DC configuration

It is very good to see Microsoft coming out with this feature to help us Administrators out with managing devices. Even though it is now limited to ten Imported templates this will greatly help in reducing the need for Custom OMA-URI’s and script deployment.
On a final note if you wish to update your ADMX files you will first have to delete any profiles using the Templates, delete the Template then you can import the new version. In your you will as of now set it up from scratch