Add system apps to Android Enterprise Work Profile from Intune

Up untill now if users wanted access to the camera in Perosnally Owned Work Profile setup the admin would have to publish a third party app or the users would have to use the built in camera in for example OneDrive or Teams. But as of the last week of January 2021 Microsoft added the function to publish system applications to Personally Owned Work Profile devices. The only thing you need is the package name of the application. To get this is recommend downloading the app you want to publish on any phone then download and use Elixir2 to find the package name.

In the following example I create and publish both the camera app and the gallery app so the users can view the photos as well.

Click to create a new Android app as you normally would, then in the dropdown select Android Enterprise system app

Fill inn App name, Publisher and Package name.
There are several ways to find the package names, I found using Elixir2 to view installed package names the easiest. Beneath I have added the system camera and gallery apps

Select who to publish the app to
Note that system apps cannot be made available, only required

Review and hit Create

Note that after you create the app you cannot modify the package name. If the package name is wrong you will have to delete the app and add it again. Name and publisher can be modified.

As you can see both Camera and Gallery app has been published to the Work Profile