Upcoming Teams features in 2020

Microsoft is continuing to develop and roll out exciting new features for Teams. If you are like me at the moment where you are confined to a home office and spending hour after hour in meetings or just chatting to colleagues. Then these are some features to look forward to. I will not mention every single upcoming features, just the once I’m keeping my eye on.

Multiple account and organization support – Coming December 2020
This one I have been looking forward to for a long time. Finally we will have to stop logging into other teams in browser or web applications. Microsoft is adding support for account switching from the settings menu in Teams. This applies to the desktop version. Edit from Microsoft that this will only work with one work/school account and one private account which is a bit of a letdown.

Live reactions – Coming December 2020
If you have ever participated in a Workplace live stream you are sure to have seen reaction emojis flying across the screen. This is not also coming to Teams.

Pinned Post – Coming November 2020
In Team channels with a lot of participants the important information have a tenancy to drown among all the other messages and posts made. With this update users will be able to pin messages.

Custom layout in meetings – Coming December 2020
Presenters will be able to customize how content is displayed for the participants. Among the features is the ability to overlay the video on top of content to give a more dynamic presentation.

New Teams templates – Coming November 2020
The organization will be able to create templates to use when creating new team channels. This will help speed up the process and also adhering to the company standards for team structuring, relevant apps and best practices.

End of meeting notification – Coming December 2020
Teams will be able to provide a notification to participants when there is five minutes left of the scheduled meeting time. This will not automatically end the meeting.

Create task from Teams chat – Coming November 2020
Will enable users to create tasks directly from the chat window. No longer will the users have to switch windows or apps to create tasks.

Call transfer – Coming November 2020
Users will be able to transfer their calls from between devices

Polls in meetings – November 2020
Presenters will be able to prepare and create polls to be held during and after meetings. This will be placed in a separate tab in the meeting and powered by Microsoft Forms

If you’d like to read more about the updates and more upcoming features you can find the Roadmap HERE