Microsoft Store for Business in Intune

A how to and guide to enabling Microsoft Store for Business and distributing the apps to your users.
The store is a quick and easy way of getting a distributing applications to your users. Although there are a lot of applications with varying quality, there are some must have and nice to have applications available.

First off start by navigating to and logging into
Open Tenant Administration, then click the link to open the store.

When you initially open this page Status will be ‘Not Active’. This a tenant where MS Store has already been activated

Select Manage from the top menu then Settings on the left hand side.
Navigate to the Distribute pane. On the bottom Microsoft Intune will be listed with status ‘Deactivated’. Click Activate to activate Store sync to Intune.

Settings menu where you activate Store sync to Intune

You can now start ‘shopping’ the Microsoft store for apps you wish to distribute to your users.
Simply search for the application, open the application and click ‘Get’ and approve any terms and conditions.
After selecting a few applications return to the Microsoft Store for Business pane in Device Management under Tenant administration.
Click the Sync button and the applications will appear under Apps.
You can now assign the applications to your users.

Some settings you should take into consideration when setting up Store for Business is whether you should allow users to shop them self’s or be able to request applications from the store.
These settings can be found in the Store under Manage and Settings.

Default settings, I recommend going though these and set these to suit your company’s policies and users needs